HT-6000 Bulk Freighter

The HT-6000 is an ancient CEC’s bulk freighter and is often praised for its superb speed under a full load. HT-6000’s are most dominant among the Corellian Trade Spine and are seldom seen elsewhere. They feature comfortable living quarters for the entire crew and accommodations for extended hauls. Although a large and unwieldy vessel, it has sold well because of its defensive capabilities and relative cheapness.

In the early years of the Rebelion, the Rebels had to deal with decades-old ships held together by the sweat and ingenuity of the Rebel technicians. The HT-6000 is no different. Extensive shielding and reinforced hull armor combined with ingenious system placement and routing gives the vessel an uncanny ability to absorb impressive amounts of fire with only minimal to moderate damage. It isn’t an uncommon sight for a HT-6000 to continue fighting even with extensive damage to what is widely considered critical areas.


Maker/Model/Classification: Corellian Engineering Corporation HT-6000 Bluk Freighter
Length: 415meters
Navcomp: Yes
Sensor Range: Medium
Ship’s Complement:
Encumbrance Capacity:
Passenger Capacity:
Consumables: Two Months
Customization Hard Points:
Hull Threshold:
System Threshold:
Weapons: Four dual SRT’s

HT-6000 Bulk Freighter

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