Consular-class Cruisers

The Consular-class space cruiser was a starship designed and manufactured by the Corellian Engineering Corporation and used by the Galactic Republic, Civilian models of the Consular-class cruiser were used for straight-forward transportation and were indistinct. The Republic cruiser was equipped with a salon pod that served as a secure meeting area for Republic representatives and leaders of groups in conflict. There was also a variety of salon pods that catered to different alien species. In emergency situations, the entire salon pod could eject from the mother craft, and with its own sensors, life support equipment, and engines, protect the diplomatic crew on board.

Although the diplomatic versions were unarmed, various cruisers were modified to have double turbolaser cannons and two concussion missile launchers installed and to serve in the Judicial Forces and regional security forces, at least some of which were then re-designated as either Republic light assault cruisers4 or Republic frigates. Others were modified to serve as troop carriers and command ships. A handful of armed cruisers were still in operation throughout the galaxy during the Galactic Civil War.


Maker/Model/Classification: Corellian Engineering Corporation Consular Light Cruiser
Length: 115 meters
Hyperdrive: Primary: Class 2, Backup: Class 14
Navcomp: Yes
Sensor Range: Long
Ship’s Complement: One captain, one pilot, on co-pilot, one navigator. one comms operator, four engineers.
Encumbrance Capacity: Up to 3,200 depending on configuration.
Passenger Capacity: Up to 16 depending on configuration.
Consumables: Eight Months
Cost/Rarity: 3,4000,000 credits/5.
Customization Hard Points: 4
Silhouette: 5
Speed: 3
Handling: -2
Defense: 2/1/1/1
Armor: 5
Hull Threshold: 46
System Threshold: 24
Weapons: Forward turret-mounted twin heavy ion cannon (Fire Arc Forward, Port, and Starboard; Damage 7; Critical Hit 4; Range [Medium]; Ion, Linked 1, Slow-Firing 1).
One port dorsal and one port ventral twin light turbolaser (Fire Arc Port; Damage 9; Critical 3; Range [Medium]; Breach 2, Linked 1, Slow-Firing 1).
One starboard dorsal and one starboard ventral twin light turbolaser (Fire Arc Starboard; Damage 9; Critical 3; Range [Medium]; Breach 2, Linked 1, Slow-Firing 1).

Consular-class Cruisers

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