DP20 Frigate

The DP20 frigate or Corellian Gunship is one of the few dedicated warship designs produced by Corellian Engineering Corporation, and is the most common member of the Corellian gunship product line. Though small and compact, it is fast and carries heavy firepower for a ship of its size and class.

Unlike its cousin, the CR90 Corvette, the gunship has minimal cargo space and almost no space for passengers or troops. These small ships have been designed to be only two things: fast and deadly. Engines consume nearly half of the gunship’s interior space. What little room is left was used for deflector shield generators and weapons.


Maker/Model/Classification: Corellian Engineering Corporation DP20 Frigate
Length: 120 meters
Hyperdrive: Primary: Class 2, Backup: Class 16.
Navcomp: Yes
Sensor Range: Long
Ship’s Complement: 91 officers and enlisted crew.
Encumbrance Capacity: 300
Passenger Capacity: 0
Consumables: Eight Months
Cost/Rarity: 3,200,000 credits/6
Customization Hard Points: 1
Silhouette: 5
Speed: 4
Handling: -1
Defense: 2/2/2/1
Armor: 5
Hull Threshold: 55
System Threshold: 30
Weapons: Eight Turret Mounted Light Twin Turbolaser Batteries (Fire Arc All; Damage 9; Critical 3; Range [Medium]; Breach 4, Linked 1, Slow-Firing 1).
Six Retractable Turret-Mounted Quad Laser Cannons (Fire Arc All; Damage 5; Critical 3; Range [Close], Accurate, Linked 3).
Two Port and Starboard Concussion Missile Launcers (Fire Arc Port or Starboard; Damage 6; Critical 3; Range [Short]; Breach 4, Blast 4, Guided 3).

DP20 Frigate

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